Obtaining an Employment Green Card can be confusing, stressful and time consuming. At O'Brien Law Group our experienced immigration lawyers will take care of you and your loved ones. 

Kentucky, Louisville Employment Green Cards

It is our goal at O'Brien Law Group to help every deserving immigrant have the opportunity to work in the United States.

There are three ways of obtaining a US Green Card: one of the most common is through a family member, a green card diversity lottery or through an employment based green card. To qualify for an employment green card there are 5 EB preference categories:

Green Card Eligibility Categories through Employment:


  • Have extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics, or

  • Are an outstanding professor or researcher, or

  • Are a multinational manager or executive who meets certain criteria


  • Are a member of a profession that requires an advanced degree, or 

  • Have exceptional ability in the sciences, arts, or business, or 

  • Are seeking a national interest waiver


  • A skilled worker (meaning your job requires a minimum of 2 years training or work experience), or

  •  A professional (meaning your job requires at least a U.S. bachelor's degree or a foreign equivalent and you are a member of the profession), or 

  • An unskilled worker (meaning you will perform unskilled labor requiring less than 2 years training or experience)


  • Religious Workers (*)

  • Special immigrant juveniles

  • Broadcasters

  • G-4 International Organization or NATO-6 Employees and their family members

  • International Employees of the U.S. Government Abroad

  • Armed Forces Members

  • Panama Canal Zone Employees

  • Certain Physicians

  • Afghan and Iraqi Translators

  • Afghan and Iraqi Nationals who have provided faith service in support of U.S. operations. 


  • Have invested or are actively in the process of investing at least $1 million (or $500,000 in a targeted employment area) in a new commercial enterprise in the U.S. which will create full-time positions for at least 10 qualifying employees within 2 years of entering the U.S. 

Do you have questions about work based green cards? Let our experienced Kentucky Lawyers help. Contact our office in Louisville to BEGIN. 

Immigration Lawyers Serving Kentucky

At O'Brien Law Group our immigration attorneys in Kentucky can assist you in preparing all of the critical paperwork to begin the citizenship process and adequately prepare you for the rigors of obtaining a work based green card. If you are ready to start on your path to citizenship contact our firm as soon as possible. Our experienced immigration attorneys Rusty O'Brien and Adrienne Pfendt will help you get started on this exciting journey. 

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