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The Road to American citizenship can be a long and confusing process, but it is not impossible. At O'Brien Law Group we've watched many clients become American Citizens. 

How to Become a U.S. Citizen

It is our goal at O'Brien Law Group to help you obtain citizenship, there are a variety of ways to do this. 

Birth: You must have been born in the United States or a place within U.S. jurisdiction and have parents who are citizens at the time of your birth. However, if you have not "derived" citizenship in this way, there are still other ways to seek citizenship. The most common for immigrants is through naturalization.

You are eligible for naturalization if:

  • You are 18 years or older

  • Defined as having "good moral character"

  • Have an adequate understanding of U.S. history and government

  • Have remained physical presence in the U.S.

  • Able to read, write, and speak English. (can sometimes be waived for elderly or those with mental disabilities)

  • Been a permanent resident for at least 5 years (proof of green card)

  • Or: Been a permanent resident for 3 years while married to a U.S. citizen

  • Or: Been a permanent resident who has served honorably in the U.S. military. 

If you fit any of these categories you can submit a Form N-400, then you'll be required to take a naturalization test and pass. These tests will be inspected carefully and scrutinized. During the process of citizenship you'll be subject to answer many questions. It is important that the answers to these questions are correct in order for your application process to move forward. Some of these questions will inquire about past and present criminal charges as well as your character. Preceding the time you apply for citizenship the government will review the statutory period (5 year period preceding the time you apply), you will be scrutinized and any inconsistencies may result in an application denial. 

Are you wanting to obtain a U.S. Citizenship? Let our experienced Kentucky Lawyers help. Contact our office in Louisville to BEGIN. 

Immigration Lawyers Serving Kentucky

At O'Brien Law Group our immigration attorneys in Kentucky can assist you in preparing all of the critical paperwork to begin the citizenship process and adequately prepare you for your interview with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. If you are ready to start on your path to citizenship contact our firm as soon as possible. Our experienced immigration attorneys Rusty O'Brien and Adrienne Pfendt will help you get started on this exciting journey. 

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Serving Louisville, Lexington, Owensboro And All Of Kentucky

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